First round of the zenith Photo Award Libya Uncharted

The many facets of Libyan identity

What does Libyan identity look like? From the beauty of the desert to the coast, from tea ceremonies to horse racing, from ancient monuments to colourful costumes, Libyans from across the country captured a wide variety of what makes Libya.
A picture taken during the “National Day of Traditional Dress”
From the series “Libya in the best image” by Qasim TantoushPhotograph: Qasim Tantoush
Steel wool art display in front of ancient ruins near Shahhat in northeastern Libya
From the series “Life in Shahhat” by Jawhar SkatPhotograph: Jawhar Skat
Saleh Al-Faqih, a champion of local carpet-weaving tradition from Misrata
From the series “Connection” by Rabie BarakatPhotograph: Rabie Barakat
Children in the Old City of Tripoli
From the series “Connection” by Rabie BarakatPhotograph: Rabie Barakat
Amazigh children in traditional garb
From the series “The Amazigh identity” by Sifax BottoPhotograph: Sifax Botto
The mosque of Awliya in the Northeast, one of the oldest mosques in Libya
From the series “Life in Shahhat” by Jawhar SkatPhotograph: Jawhar Skat
Celebrations on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday in Tripoli
From the series “Traces of folk heritage in Tripoli” by Riyadh ZubaydahPhotograph: Riyadh Zubaydah
Bread-kneading tradition, passed on from the grandmother
From the series “Our land is the land of glory, fight and knights” by Mohamed Abu ShuhaimaPhotograph: Mohamed Abu Shuhaima
In the desert near the Algerian border where according to local tales, early Islamic conqueror Uqba ibn Nafi fought
From the series “The City of Ghadames” by Siraj Eddin ArrabPhotograph: Siraj Eddin Arrab
Equestrian tradition in Libya
From the series “Libya” by Anas GarmanPhotograph: Anas Garman
Preparation of Kawari, a slowly-cooked specialty from sheephead and other ingredients
From the series “Kufra/Libya” by Salah Al-NazzalPhotograph: Salah Al-Nazzal
The Mediterranean Sea at Al-Khums
From the series “Pictures from some cities of Libya” by Mohamed SaadPhotograph: Mohamed Saad
A Touareg folk dance performance
From the series “Pictures of Life in Ghat” by Abuobkar AlmizdawiPhotograph: Abuobkar Almizdawi
A Libyan girl with her loom
“The Faces of Libya Display the Identity” by Malek ElmaghrebiPhotograph: Malek Elmaghrebi
Robert Chatterjee
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