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Libya Chronicles

The Sahara desert region of Fezzan in Libya.
Italy’s Intervention in Libya’s South
Sallum, a border town between Egypt an Libya
Reading Egypt’s Policy on Libya
A Lybian School in Egypt
Libyans Barred Refugee Status in Egypt
File photo: An oil worker in the south of Libya photographed in 2014.
The Black Gold Fueling Libya's Crisis
by Wil Crisp
Inside Libya's Migrant Detention Centres
In Libya many militia groups profit from holding migrants in detention; the country's lawlessness has contributed to a humanitarian disaster.
Aden, 2015. The port town in Yemen was reduced to rubble, ravaged by the incessant shelling of the Houthi militia that had surrounded the city
Interview with Guillaume Binet
Libyans Enjoy Summer Swimming.
Ailing Infrastructure in Libya
Libya's Banned Book Launch in Tripoli
Young Writers Speak of Their Libya
Khaled Mohammad speaking in Cairo. A member of the al-Qadhadhfa tribe he fled Libya after the revolution, and is unsure if he will ever return.
Gaddafi Loyalists Struggle for Relevance

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